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True to nature

Is there anything that equals the beauty of nature?
Then why not let nature inspire you, our decorative stones for interior and exterior use look like they are straight from nature. With them you don’t build ordinary facades but walls with a new face and a character all of their own.
Exactly what you have in mind for your new construction or renovation project.

De Ryck Stone Products

  • Suitable for interior or exterior use, new construction and renovation. Bathroom cladding, living room wall cladding.
  • Offer more possibilities than traditional stonework, lower weight and less space requirement.
  • Can be easily installed by DIYers thanks to De Ryck’s adhesives and accessory products.
  • Available in dozens of colours, styles, shapes and sizes.
  • Cost effective products, conveniently packed and readily available.
  • Quality guarantee: we only use durable materials, continuously monitored by independent experts.
  • Enable you to build your dream house whilst respecting the environment.
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