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Murok Montana

Solid as a rock, elegant as a mountain top

The Murok Montana has the rough look of mountain rocks and shares their characteristic strength. Just like the mountains, this stonework needs no pointing to be fully waterproof. The stone creates the unique atmosphere of a warm haven after an exhausting , rainy day. The Zen-like appearance makes Montana suitable for modern interiors as well as garden walls.

M34 beige
M35 grey
M36 rust-coloured
M37 yellow-red
47 x 10 cm
17 x 10 cm

Packed in boxes of 0.54 m²
Corners available per running metre, including 5 finishing pieces of 30x5 cm for easy fitting.

Installation tip

It is best to have the support in the same colour as the chosen stone. Remove any unevenness on the edges of sides and corners to ensure a perfect horizontal installation. Avoid continuous vertical joints.

general manual

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