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Murok Sierra

Rugged beauty: Nature in its purest form

A Sierra is a mountain chain with peaks suggesting the teeth of a saw. As such, the Murok Sierra is a stone that reflects the rugged profile and unrivalled splendour of Europe's Mediterranean sierra. Romantic, robust and alive: This stone belongs in your home, both inside and out.

M43 beige-green
M44 grey
M47 yellow
M40 white
M46 red
M48 brown-red
Irregular sizes

Packed in boxes of 1/2 m²
Corners are available in boxes per running metre.

Installation tip

Apply one by one, according to your own taste and imagination.
Start with the larger stones, placing them as close together as possible, and filling the remaining spaces with the smaller stones. Can be used without filling the joints or with our Cemix Unijoint joint-filler.

general manual

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